Delayed OTAs

Delayed OTAs

You’re viewing v3. Click here to go to the legacy page (v1) (v2 is dead and I’m not fixing it).

Note: this is reflective of current conditions (page refreshes about every 30 minutes), however Apple may still decide to pull a version at any time. Take the expiration dates with a grain of salt.

The date is when you won’t be able to delayed OTA to it anymore (in your local time).

As these are moving time windows, profiles for anything but the oldest OS version being served will become outdated eventually. You will have to uninstall the profile and install the updated version, so it’s advised to install the profile on the day you want to update.

Known Issues

15.1.1 is missing. I need to implement support for updates that are only for certain devices. For now, I’ve made an iPhone 12/13 specific section


Alternate profiles require iOS 14.5 or higher or some workarounds. If you are on an iOS version under 14.5, check this out.

Apple made a mistake and 15.1 actually appears as 15.1.1 on the iPod touch 7. It will install 15.1 though.

“Not available with MDM” is for sysadmins and is irrelevant for normal users.


v3.5.1: Make it more clear that alternates require 14.5+

v3.5: Add estimated expiry date for 14.8.1 (special cases in alternate update)

v3.4: Fix estimated expiry dates

v3.3: Separate out iPhone 12/13 for now

v3.2: Fix 14.8 not being marked as alternate

v3.1: Put alternates under the same section as they should have been from the start

v3.0.1: Move JS to separate file

v3: Rewrite it again so that the iOS 14/15 combo works

v2.0.1: Push hotfix for the iOS 14 shenanigans to show up properly

v2: Major rewrite to probe Pallas


Actually write delayed OTA guide

Make profile expire when next version will be returned by that delay

Alternate should be based on which one is preferred

Figure out combining iOS 14 and 15

Alternate software updates