Dallas Profiles

Dallas Profiles

For use with Dahlia 1.0.0 and up.

Do not hotlink to these profiles as the URLs and contents may change at any time; link to this page instead. Rehosting is prohibited.

Dallas Enabler

Install this first!!!

Install Dallas Enabler (required)

Note: Dallas Enabler is required for the version profiles to work. You must fully install (go to Settings > Profiles, select Dallas Enabler, click Install) this profile before any of the below will install. Otherwise, you will see a “Bad Profile” error.

Version Profiles

These profiles must be installed while jailbroken with the Dahlia tweak installed. They will not install without Dallas Enabler!

These profiles expire on 2024-06-01, check back for new ones. If they expire and I haven’t updated the site yet, please let me know (@dhinakg on the bird site, or you can find me in the r/Jailbreak discord) and I’ll update them.

Last updated: 2024-04-16

iOS Legacy v2 (device supporting up to iOS 15)

iOS Legacy v3 (devices supporting up to iOS 16)

For new devices