Dallas Profiles

Dallas Profiles

For use with Dahlia 1.0.0 and up or Dallas 0.5.0 and up.

Do not hotlink to these profiles as the URLs and contents may change at any time; link to this page instead. Rehosting is prohibited.

Dallas Enabler

Install this first!!!

Install Dallas Enabler (required)

Note: Dallas Enabler is required for the version profiles to work. You must fully install (go to Settings > Profiles, select Dallas Enabler, click Install) this profile before any of the below will install. Otherwise, you will see a “Bad Profile” error.

Version Profiles

These profiles must be installed while jailbroken with the Dahlia tweak installed. They will not install without Dallas Enabler!

These profiles expire on 2023-05-01, check back for new ones. If they expire and I haven’t updated the site yet, please let me know and I’ll update them.